Lawmhpi Cio Hna Usih: Salai Lairamthang Zong Harvard University Nih An Tuahmi Online Course Pahnih Nak Cu Tlamtling Tein A lim Cang.

Harvard University nih an tuahmi online course pahnih nak cu tlamtling tein ka lim than. Thla thum hlan ah lim ding si nain thla 2 ah ka lim. Ka cawnmi hi social science a si. Tutan ah ka cawnmi course hi, US cozah an i hruaining le institutions pawl rian an tuaning kong a si.

1. Congress and Constituency: Senators le House representatives an i thimning, rian an tuaning, zetiindah Senator le house representative pawl hmunhma an cheuh ning, State hluttaw umtuning.

2. Presidents and Domestic Policy: President nawlngeihnak, President le congress karlak an nawl ngeihnak power zeitindah an i then, US President nih zetindah ramchung domestic policy an thlakning le rian atuaning.

3. President and Foreign Policy: US president nih ramdang policy a thlakning le ramdang he zetindah an i pehtlaih, President nih ramdang kongah zeitluk in nawl a ngeih i, zetibantuk tiang dah a tuah khawh. Amah nawl in zeibantuk power dah a ngei.

Salai Lairamthang chungkhar

4. Federal Bureaucracy: Federal cozah rian an tuaning: Federal cozah tang ummi, FBI,CIA, IRS, NIH pawl an riantuaning, US cozah le cozah riantuantu hna karlak an ipehtlaih ning.

5. Judiciary and Supreme Court: American ram ah zeitindah biaceihnak an tuah, zeitindah an then, President nih zetiindah rian a phawt hna. Supreme court Justice zetindah rian an pek hna, zetiindan Supreme court justice hna rian an tuan? Federal court, US distiric Courts , Court of Appeals court umtuning kha tutan ah ka cawnmi a si.

Salai Lairamthang

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